Substitute School Bus Driver

Washington Co Public Schools   Abingdon, VA   Full-time     Transportation
Posted on April 18, 2021

Substitute School Bus Driver (Multiple Positions)

Transports students over specified routes according to time schedule and in accordance with all safety regulations and traffic laws. Bus Driver is responsible for safe transport to and from school or other places of school activity.

Must have or be eligible to obtain a Class B Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with air brake, school bus and passenger bus endorsements.

• Exercises greatest care at all times in transportation of school children;
• Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, employees, equipment, and property;
• Reports all student injuries, accidents, illnesses and discipline problems to the appropriate authority immediately or as soon as reasonably possible;
• Opens and closes entrance door and keeps it securely closed while bus is in motion;
• Wears safety seat belt assembly while driving;
• Instructs pupils who ride buses in rider safety annually, and practices emergency exit drills at least twice annually;
• Prohibits use of posters, stickers, or advertising material of any kind in or on school bus;
• Adheres to provision of Motor Vehicle Code, Pupil Transportation Regulations of Board of Education and terms of the School Bus Driver Handbook including:
• Operates school bus at a safe speed not to exceed 45 miles per hour or the minimum speed allowable, whichever is greater, on any highway other than an inte state highway, and 55 miles per hour on interstate highways. However, for any such vehicle which takes on or discharges children, the maximum speed limit shall be 35 miles per hour between the first stop and the last stop, not including the school. The school and the designated school bus parking area shall not be considered for the first or last stop;
• Operates warning lights for a distance of not less than 100 feet before bus stops, if lawful speed limit is less than 35 miles per hour, and for a distance of at least 200 feet before bus stops if lawful speed limit is 35 miles per hour or more;
• Makes stops in the right-hand lane when loading or discharging pupils on highway and only at designated points, where bus can be clearly seen for a safe dis tance from both directions;
• Operates school bus warning devices while stopped to warn approaching traffic to stop and allow pupils to cross highway safely;
• Requires pupils who must cross the road to walk to a point 10 feet or more in front of bus, stop before reaching a position in line with left side of bus, and await signal from bus driver to start across highway;
• Picks up and discharges pupils on side of road on which they live on dual highways divided by a physical barrier on unpaved area;
• Stops school bus at railway grade crossings - opens entrance door of bus and driver's window and determines when it is safe for vehicle to cross railroad tracks. No such stop need be made where a police officer or traffic light directs traffic to cross;
• Keeps copy of route schedule in bus, including time bus starts in morning, time it leaves each point at which pupils are taken on, time of arrival at school, bus' odometer reading at beginning of route where first pupil is picked up, where other stops are made, and reading upon arrival at school;
• Operates school bus in accordance with route schedule and designated stops;
• Transports only students assigned to particular route, unless otherwise authorized by the building administrator(s) with consent of parents;
• Reports misconduct of pupils on school bus or at waiting stations or stops on the way to or from school and shall be guided by building administrator's advice and direction, subject to the regulations of School Board and particular school;
• Performs daily pre-trip safety inspection of vehicle as per School Bus Driver Handbook, and reports damage and/or malfunction to Transportation Supervisor promptly;
• Performs daily post-trip of the entire interior and exterior of the bus;
• Installs chains as specified by Transportation Supervisor, or as weather and/or road conditions require;
• Fills fuel tank of vehicle;
• Checks level of oil daily, and adds necessary amount of oil;
• Cleans exterior of vehicles regularly including Sweeping interior of bus following trips, cleaning windows (windshield and rear window), and warning and signal lights regularly;
• Requires pupils to keep the bus clean;
• Reports on number of pupils transported and miles traveled to Transportation Supervisor;
• Reports all accidents, delays, and driver absences to Transportation Supervisor promptly;
• Contacts parents immediately, or as soon as reasonably possible, in the event of a student injury, serious illness, or other matter pertaining to the general welfare of the student;
• Suggests safe and efficient routes, stops, and schedules to Transportation Supervisor;
• Attends in-service training to improve skills, attitudes, and knowledge of school bus driving and pupil control;
• Observes established and accepted work practices and procedures in accordance with School Board pupil transportation policy, particular school policy, and supplemental administrative directives;
• Reports to Transportation Supervisor motorists who violate Virginia "School Bus Stop Law";
• Models non-discriminatory practices in all activities;
• Complies with and supports school and division regulations and policies;
• Performs related duties as assigned by the building administrator(s) and/or the Supervisor of Transportation in accordance with the school/system policies and practices.